asked: just found your blog and it makes me so happy, I completely agree with you, they had this epic pairing of George and Zoe, with so much build up, then all of a sudden it just, ended. thank you for seeing the perfection of this ship, and like you I gave up on the show at season 3, on episode 8. Joel is just irrelevant, and I can't STAND Zoe and Wade... anyways, thanks for your blog! i love it!

Oh, this is so sweet, thank you. And yes, it’s really unfortunate what they did to this ship :( Because of nostalgia, I just watched the pilot and it gave me a ton of feelings. Then it made me angry at how far away the writers got from the beginning. I hate that the show turned to shit but at least I can appreciate the good things we did get from it. Thanks!

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I want this back, now that Joel’s gone and Zoe confessed her love to George, before she left for NY and met Joel in the first place.

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hart of dixie by episode -  1x22 The Big Day

hart of dixie by episode -  1x22 The Big Day

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asked: My sister and I were looking for a new show to enjoy together on netflix. We found Hart of Dixie and devoured the first 2 seasons. We were so hooked on Zeorge, we kept waiting for it to happen, started out great then kind of fizzled. Ugh. They seemed like they were endgame from episode one. We are 4 eps away from being all caught up in s3. Not really enjoying it as much as i s1,s2. Like the heck they don't even have their sweet friendship? Zade? no thanks. Y R they doing this 2 us! I'm invested!

That is the worst, I’m so sorry. Yeah, they were so supposed to be endgame from the pilot, it’s totally embarrassing how far the show is away from that now. I definitely know what it’s like to be invested so I hope you won’t be too disappointed once you catch up in s3. I’m not watching anymore but more power to you for sticking with it!

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hart of dixie by episode  -  1x19 Destiny & Denial

hart of dixie by episode  -  1x19 Destiny & Denial

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hart of dixie by episode - 1x16 Tributes & Triangles

hart of dixie by episode - 1x16 Tributes & Triangles

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asked: i find myself rewatching season 1 on netflix and skipping over everything but the zeorge scenes, I JUST MISS IT SO MUCH ugh i don't even get the storyline they set up with zade, like i found their FRIENDSHIP to be fun in season 1 because they were always bickering but i hoped that was all it was. like how things were progressing with zeorge in that ep when they went to new orleans in s1 i was like FINALLY the writers understand that they belong together and then BOOM they screwed everything up

i got a new macbook and i didn’t transfer all my stuff so i don’t have all my reaction gifs but i wish i could add an adequate one here. i miss it so much too, trust me. i had zoe/george on my mind recently and i miss the feelings i had in season one sooo much. i feel everything you feel and i just hate that the show went in a different direction than i wanted it to take. ah new orleans *sigh* happier times.

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